TAS-SF Data Collection Survey Template

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Running Gear Maintenance & Running Gear Maintenance

PassFailN/ARefer to Notes
Running Gear: Check aisle obstruction detector for proper operation (check function by actdivating it; an emergency stop should occur)
Hoist and Carriage Maintenance: Check wire rope, the wire rope lubrication, the wire rope terminations for any irregularities, inspect wire rope in accordance with requirements
Hoist and Carriage: Check catching device visually, as often as needed.

Other General Daily Maintenance Checks *

PassFailN/ARefer to Notes
Perform a general walk-through to Inspect components for damage that may have occurred from collision or other misuse
Check emergency limit switches and optotraps for: proper function (actuation should cause emergency stop), loose fasteners (tighten, if required), obstruction, dirt build-up.
Check emergency routes for obstructions and access
Check ETV visually for abnormal conditions
If other, precise: