Revolutionize your facility management !

  • Latest SDDC (smart direct digital control) algorithms to maximize energy savings.     

  • Built in "cutting edge expert systems" dispatch service technicians automatically, only when needed.

  • Costs less, performs better, is more flexible and always stays up to date.

  • Wireless wifi compatible, no wiring fastest installation - lowest installed cost.=

Trillium: 3 x Best in class

1. BEST Time series database: InfluxDB  
2. BEST Analysis and monitoring: Grafana  
3. BEST IoT core hardware:    

Three more reasons:

1. Ready to deploy practically tomorrow. No permits, no conduits, no local servers!

2. No budget for deployment and operation and all cost should be covered by the existing maintenance budget ?

3. Rich in features, lean in resources (data via 3G/4G), and reliable 24/7 rain or shine.

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  • Free 24/7  remote monitoring  

  • Automatic technican response  

The promise of  IoT is that your devices and equipment will  help you save cost by being smart  and pro-active. I.e. service your filters when you need it and not when your service company needs revenue or is just in the area.   

Even better it can help avoid costly downtime and unexpected expensive repairs altogether.  Why don't you have a real expert look at it?  let's say a "supercomputer"  who has more data and smarts than  anyone can?  

This has become reality now and IBM's Watson IOT Supercomputer will periodically "take a look" at your systeem.  

Trillium's control programs are implemented using IBM's IoT programming environment "node-red". This makes it trivial to submit data to WATSON IoT and in return we get either a clean bill of health or a service recommendation. We then either follow up with you or if subscribed in CATER (Casaria Automated Technician Expedited Response) even the service  call out is automatic.  

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Maximum energy efficiency and documented ssavings  

We are not simply monitoring if your compressor " locks on startup" and turn it off to avoid further damage. This is a common feature on many systems.  What happens is that the unit is "locked out" until you "feel" it is not working right and call the repairmen.    

We can do much better:  Trillium includes precision current , voltage. and power monitoring using a utility grade digital submeter delivering more tha n 30 data points. At any given time we know exactly how your system performs electrically (load, energy consumption, compressor health).  Our intelligent algorithms spot a trend before it becomes a problem and will notify/recommend action before damage or failure occurs.   

 As an added benefit you get detailed  or simple  reports of your systems energy consumption  an d health  - did we say for free?  Yes of course! 

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Included Analytics: our experts - your advantage!  

Rest assured, if we see a chance to  improve the performance of your system we will not hesitate to do so.  

For free of course, because after all we benefit as much as you do by continually improving.  The days of selling a product and keeping it  running as delivered without keeping it up to date are gone.   

All our IoT  modules are smart because of the software that resides in them.  We are driven to make them as smart as we can and there will always be a  need to upgrade and improve.   

When all screening is passed we push new firmware to your system so it does not  become outdated as long as the hardware can keep up.  All included for free in the basic support package.,

Start saving in 2-3 weeks: HVAC retrofit with wireless Trillium Comfort

Case study - retrofit & rebuild legacy HVAC and safe!

Case study - Trillium in hospitality.

Case study - Trillium in restaurants/commercial kitchens

Unmatched customer satisfaction.

Join us and make your company a better place

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Any Platform

All Trillium dashboards and modules work equally well across different web browser platforms. Optimised for performance, our analytics layer ensures that your latest data will be ready on any device as you need it.

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Any Data

Our data and analytics layer easily integrates to your data and provides a common data model for all Trillium modules.

Latest Technology

We are passionate about using the right technology for the job. Our visualisation library of choice is the excellent D3, rendering to SVG and Canvas as required.

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Designed and manufactured in California

To ensure the best quality and continued Innovation there is only one option. Control the entire process from concept design to making the product. The result i s  highest quality with the shortest possible time to market. 

Total Quality Control 

Device and PCB Production Capabilities

Besides our in house SMD board assembly line (capacity of >20,000 CPH) we adapt lowest cost high performance platforms (i.e. Raspberry Pi) to deliver powerful results at lowest cost  to maximize your benefit.

SMD board line / Contract fabrication

Core equipment in operation are: (2) Quad/Samsung QSA-30 pick-n-place, (1) Fukura automatic stencil printer and  (1) Vitronics/Soltec XPM520+ reflow oven. Our production capability is more than 800 PCBs (6x6") per shift. 

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Cargo handling equipment

In house Engineering and 3D Design (Solidworks, ACAD) , Metal Fabrication and turnkey installation. PLC automated is one of   our specialties (Rockwell,  Siemens, Beckhoff,..) 

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Industrial and commercial process engineering

In house Engineering and 3D Design (Solidworks, ACAD) , Metal Fabrication and turnkey installation. PLC automation is one of  our specialties (Rockwell,  Siemens, Beckhoff,..) 

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4P TTL: Four Post Truck Transfer Lift

We actually designed and manufactured the first truly portable 20' ULD Truck Dock.
No need for costly permits! The only system of it's kind you can take with you if you move. Extended 60,000 lbs  cargo capacity!