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proven certified core modules,  resilient and redundant networks, 

beautiful visualisation/graphs, surprisingly low cost    IoT-2415's core modules "ELECTRON" and "PHOTON" are high performance & low cost 'cloud ready"

The data collection is primarily built around the Casaria IoT-2405 (BT4.2/BLE) and IoT-2415 (wifi/3G) data collection nodes. IoT-2415 features one of two third-party Particle modules capable of communicating either through IEEE802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi or 3G cellular connection (Photon or Electron, respectively) and a powerful ARM Cortex M3 application processor (120 MHz clock frequency, 1MB flash memory, and 128kb RAM). Thanks to its wireless connectivity, the IoT-2415 can be firmware upgraded and reprogrammed over-the-air for unlimited future adaptability. As an open-source platform, there are thousands of libraries available in order to adapt the system to virtually any future or legacy interfaces or sensors.

This module serves as the central hub providing the interface to the network, signal conditioning logic (value filtering, scaling), input/output handling through analog and digital I/Os, and virtually all automation and field bus protocols. The application processor contains a very powerful set of 15 hardware communication interfaces (6 USRTs, 3 SPIs, 3 I2C, 2 CAN, and 1 SDIO). It also features 17 hardware timers, and 2 12-bit digital-analog converters and 3 12-bit analog-digital converters capable of sampling up to 6 million samples per second.

The standard analog inputs are capable of accommodating process values represented as 0…10V, 0…20mA, 4…20mA analog measurement values. The digital interface is capable of communicating through protocols such as 1-Wire, Bacnet, C-Bus, DeviceNet, LonWorks, and Rockwell DF1 using physical interfaces such as RS232, RS485/422/423, and CAN. The outputs provide localized automation/control based on input conditions or use remote control or parameter adjustments such as temperature control, fan on/off, fan speed, etc. 

All that’s needed to install/deploy the Trillium on site is the IoT-2415, a wireless access point with Internet gateway, and a power supply (5V DC … 120VAC). A single unit board costs less than $200 and can handle up to 32 different sensors with ease.


Particle "Photon" Module highlights (P2)

  • fully self contained, tested , FCC certified WLAN + Application processor in a ultra compact RF shielded SMD package

  • Connects, receives and push data via the particle cloud and/or private cloud services  and/or MQTT and any other Cloud Service Infrastructure.,

  • Tested and reliable IDE (web based or via open source plug-in for ATOM  editor.

  • OTA programmable application and module firmware enables in-situ  product improvements, bug fixes/ updates.

Seems it was just yesterday!

Back in 2014, out of necessity to monitor an d log operating parameters of a temperamental roof top water heater at LAX ,we had to come up with a solution.  The heater's 1.25 MBTU gas burners randomly  stalled and refused to  restart. We had to record natural gas  pressure, various temperatures (5) and the internal control signals (limit switches, aqua-stats) of the beast. Of course it had to meet all the usual criteria in the best possible way. 

1. Ready to deploy practically tomorrow, wireless, using cellular service.

2. No budget for deployment and operation and all cost should be covered by the existing maintenance budget .

3. Rich in features, lean in resources (data via 3G/4G), and reliable 24/7 rain or shine.

A tall order! For the first release we compiled strip down versions of InfluxDB and Grafana, added data acquisition analog and digital channels using a USB labJack with a custom  collectd driver and squeezed all of it on  an original Raspberry Pi.  We implemented  simple 24VAC/DC capable inputs with a diode -resistor network and  had  a near perfect data logger and reporting  system accessible  by WLAN and using an off the shelve Hotspot device (myfi) it worked  great via 4G  cellular service as well. Lastly, We had also configured the OpenVPN client on the Raspberry to automatically open a reverse VPN tunnel a dedicated Casaria Cloud  Control server . 

The collective effort of 1000s and the collective vision of the open software community, made this first IoT /hybrid device possible.

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