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Frigate NVR  + Coral TPU Object detection

Peter Horrack
July 2022   1841 views

Types of Maintenance

Comparison of Maintenance types

Test employee
March 2021   1613 views

Are PRICEs affected by USTR China TRADE TARIFFs

Likely not - OUR PRODUCTs are 100% made in USA

CASARIA Technology, Inc., Monika Horrack
October 2018   2046 views

Trillium - How to

Peter Horrack
September 2018   3000 views

Trillium - 5 min How it works

Data Collection and Storage

Peter Horrack
September 2018   3149 views

Introducing new Sensors

BOSCH Sensortec BME280 Temp, Humidity, barometric pressure

Peter Horrack
July 2018   2964 views

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