100:NCA's Daily Inspection

Inspection & Preventative Maintenance *

Daily ETV/CHS *

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Visual, functional, and safety check on all decks and platforms
Inspect all dock doors and roll down grates for damages and proper function
Report any discrepancies to NCA staff
Remove any debris from aisle or under decks
Repair any issues found that are not functioning properly
Check with NCA for any information or work orders/tickets that require attention
Inspect warehouse static racks, note any damages and report to NCA
If other, precise:

Daily Facility-Office/Common Area *

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Conduct walk through all offices, restrooms, breakrooms, and common areas
Inspect for any visual, functional, or safety related issues and address accordingly
Check temperature within areas for accurate and comfortable levels
Check with personnel in offices to ensure no specific deficiencies have been noted or needed to be addressed
Check with NCA rep for any specific work orders that need to be addressed, and updated NCA rep at this time of any building deficiencies noted during walk through
If other, precise:

Other General Daily Maintenance Checks *

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Perform a general walk-through to Inspect components for damage that may have occurred from collision or other misuse
Check emergency limit switches and optotraps for: proper function (actuation should cause emergency stop), loose fasteners (tighten, if required), obstruction, dirt build-up.
Check emergency routes for obstructions and access
Check ETV visually for abnormal conditions
If other, precise:

Running Gear Maintenance & Running Gear Maintenance

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Running Gear: Check aisle obstruction detector for proper operation (check function by actdivating it; an emergency stop should occur)
Hoist and Carriage Maintenance: Check wire rope, the wire rope lubrication, the wire rope terminations for any irregularities, inspect wire rope in accordance with requirements
Hoist and Carriage: Check catching device visually, as often as needed.